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TheNipSlip Review

TheNipSlip is a great site that’s filled with candid shots of celebrities letting their nipples go free. It’s completely free to use and there are tons of girls to find. The best thing about the site is that it’s all organized into the level of nudity that you can see. There are sections for full nipple slips, see-through clothes, pokies, cleavage, and full topless nudity. You can just click on whatever you want to see and see what’s there. The only real problem with the site is that nothing is hosted here. You’ll have to be redirected to the third party host sites which will have their own rules on ads and downloads.
The Pussy Slip category is where you can see the best pictures on The Nip Slip. It’s filled with girls who spread their legs at just the right time. Some of the pictures even come from professional photoshoots. They slip past the editors and end up on non-nude sites, then get shared here. The level of nudity will vary, but a lot of women will be in swimsuits with their labia hanging out from the side of their clothes. It’s a lot of fun to see just which women have fallen victim to these kinds of wardrobe malfunctions.
TheNipSlip works really well and you shouldn’t have any issues. It’s easy to use and you can search for any celebrity that you want. Just be prepared for a lot of pop-ups from the host sites. They comes from all over the internet and you never know what they’ll be sending at you. This site keeps the ads to a minimum, though. It’s easy on your system and the organization is great. This is a great site to check out when you want to see women baring it all without even know that they’re doing it.

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