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HAnime Reviewed By CamDude

The word HAnime is a mix of both anime and hentai. That’s exactly what you get with the site. They have tons of anime and hentai videos that you can watch for free. It’s all high quality and it’s all about sex. They have everything from completely original works to well-known characters getting thrown into sexy situations. Anyone who really loves to watch cartoons get busy is going to like what they can get here. It also works perfectly on all mobile devices. You can log on with your phone, iPad, or android device and take the hentai with you anywhere you want to go.

The Virgin category on H Anime is a lot of fun to start you off. It’s filled with hot and horny girls having their first sexual encounters. The creators do a great job of making it all realistic. It’s not about just fucking. They have to be coaxed into sex and reassured that it will all be a fun experience. This is also where you find a lot of the well-known and established characters from pop culture. It’s just too much fun to take them and show exactly what it would be like for their first time. If there’s a character you want to see deflowered, you can probably get it here.

The HAnime site works really well, but you’ll have to deal with ads. There are a couple of them before every video. The first will be a pop up that you have to close out. The second will play in the actual video box. Once you get through those, you’ll be able to stream and download for free. Pulling it onto your hard drive will be limited in some capacity. Guest users only get 100 KB/s. Standard members get 1MB/s and premium members get “max MB.” Everything is organized really well and it’s easy to use the tag and category system.

Lots of anime and hentai
Works perfectly on mobile devices
Virgin category let you see first time anime sex

Ads before every video
Lots of videos in uncensored category are actually censored
Download speed limits based on membership

HAnime is a great site with a lot of anime and hentai. It’s all free to stream and download, but some features are limited for guest users. The Virgin category is filled with pop culture characters having sex for the very first time. They take their time in the videos to be coaxed and reassured about losing their virginity. The site works really well with a great tag and category system to find what you want. There are ads to deal with, but you can still use the site for free. It’s definitely worth a look.